Go Green with your Spring Clean!




Many people do it without thinking, but where does the tradition of Spring Cleaning actually come from?! 

It’s unclear exactly where the tradition comes from but there are many different cultures and religions that have roots in this tradition. 

Jewish custom to clean in preparation for Passover, Nowruz an Iranian festival known as Persian New Year and the Catholic custom of cleaning the church alter after Good Friday, to name but a few. 

Familiar to today is the tradition of cleaning the homes to rid them of dust and soot collected over the Winter taken on by people from the 1800’s. 

 With the talk of Climate Change and plastic pollution maybe it’s time to think how can we rid ourselves of the “Winter Blues” without damaging the environment? 


Let’s start by learning some facts about plastic, 

Scientists have recently discovered there are more plastic particles then plankton in parts of the Pacific Ocean. 

Recycling will not be enough to stop the contamination threating the Planet. 

500 million single-use plastic bottles in the U.K. are used for cleaning. 


What can we do?! 

There are many different options available for your eco- friendly cleaning needs. There are cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom that come in either glass or aluminium bottles, all of which are re-usable and many of which are also refillable. 

Miniml is a great U.K. brand that comes in glass bottles and has refills available too. 


Did you know that many sponges, especially the yellow and green ones, are harmful to the environment?! Made from synthetic fibres they release microplastics into the waterways every time they are used and because they are synthetic, they are not biodegradable, so are left sitting in landfills around the world. 

There are some amazing planet-friendly alternatives to these sponges available from Eco-shops including ones made from coconut fibre, loofa and plant cellulose. These eco-friendly replacements not only do a fantastic job but are compostable, biodegradable or both, making them a great and easy eco swap. This cleaning pad from LoofCo is one of my favourites and lasts forever! 


 So, before you start your Spring Cleaning this year please consider “Going Green for your Spring Clean” with plastic-free, zero waste alternatives that won't harm the Planet!