Making The Swap PART1

So I have to be honest I haven't made the switch yet from traditional shampoo to shampoo bars. I've tried a few times but read reviews by other people and chickened out!
I've seen pictures of greasy, lank hair, frizzy hair, and even sticky hair after using shampoo bars. These are all common issues associated with the transition phase of moving away from traditional shampoos and, to be honest, have put me off but the time has now come to take the plunge.
Doing some research on the subject it seems having hard water (which we have here in Norfolk) can cause extra issues and a lot of people mention that an A.C.V. (apple cider vinegar) rinse is needed to remove the waxy feeling you may get. UGH!
Well, I've found a company that has created 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bars that don't leave you with any of these issues. The bars are P.H. balanced and made with gentle and biodegradable surfactants that clean the hair without irritating the scalp. They also have organic cold-pressed argan and jojoba oils to gently condition the hair and, with these bars, there is no acid rinse needed as there is no transition phase. Hooray!
I am very excited to have found a shampoo bar that eliminates all my concerns and look forward to telling you all about "The Switch" in part 2