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!All Planet Kind

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia 7years ago I began to change my already vegetarian diet to a vegan one to help improve my health and also to protect the innocent animals.  Other factors in my life lead me to look for more natural cleaning and household products with minimal or no plastic.  

This is when I found myself spending hours online scrolling, trying to find products both vegan and zero waste. I
 realised how much I would benefit from a company that offers both and thought I must not be the only one.  This is what has lead me to create
All Planet Kind

I have the privilege of  living in a beautiful part of North Norfolk close to the coast and just a short walk from the stunning Norfolk Broads.  Wanting to preserve this amazing countryside and all countrysides alike is just another reason for me to live a vegan and zero waste lifestyle.

At All Planet Kind, we believe it's important to take care of our local environment and those around the world. To do our bit we are getting involved in a very important cause by making regular donations to The Coral Reef Restoration project. 

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