Rugged nature brand cedarwood hair clay

Cedarwood Matte Hair Clay 100g

Rugged Nature
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This natural matte hair clay is handmade in the UK with the finest, natural ingredients, This hair clay provides a medium hold to your hair for a rugged, modern look. 

With this carefully formulated blend of shea butter, kaolin clay, apricot kernel oil, corn starch and essential oil this clay is an eco-friendly solution for everyday styling. 

This styling hair clay is popular amongst asthma sufferers or those with allergies and sensitive skin, owing to its excellent, all-natural qualities. Mildly scented with only essential oil, this hair clay contains no nasty toxins or harmful chemicals - just 100% natural, healthy hold

 This hair clay has been designed to style all hair types and lengths. Use to ruffle a small amount into hair for a messy, rugged look that holds all day long or hold down longer hair without the shine of pomade.